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  • Together we can do more.


    We are convinced that effective partnerships are the reason for accelerated innovation and mutual growth. Collaborating with external partners leads to major business wins and creates additional value for society.

    The Hayler Business Connect program is designed to build partnerships to meet today’s Hayler Group needs. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Business Connect is designed to help entrepreneurs and corporations connect with Hayler Group.

    We are constantly looking for partnerships in the following categories:


    We will be glad to meet companies with their own production sites.

    Please note that if you are a manufacturer/supplier of finished products or components – you can also submit an application using the form below, selecting the category “Finished products”.

    • Textile products
    • Cosmetic products
    • Goods for home and leisure
    • Food Products


    Hayler Group supports growth by developing and using the latest technology to create and sell products that make people feel comfortable and happy to use, and solve consumers’ daily challenges. We are open to collaborating on innovation and technology with companies from around the world, external experts, innovators and start-ups.

    • Production Retail
    • Customer Experience
    • Product development
    • Analytics


    Hayler Group invites partnerships with online and offline retail chains to expand the range of products and attract new customers. 

    • Retailers and wholesalers
    • Retail and wholesale distributors
    • Online hypermarkets/marketplaces


    • Studios/Agencies
    • Technology startups


    If you think that by joining forces we can be useful to each other, please send your business proposal or brief information about yourself.