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    The story of one employee:

    *Awe is the intense amazement that arises from the excitement of special knowledge, beauty, grandeur, or power. Awe unlocks the boundaries of value and leads to a sense of oneness with the world. The combination of admiration and excitement can be caused by anything – a great work of art and religious ecstasy, breathtaking natural landscapes, a display of courage or the power of the mind

    In becoming part of Hayler, I joined a team of exceptional persons, talents, like-minded people.


    Together, we bring to life ideas and projects that have meaningful value for generations. I think that, after many years, I will still feel boundless pride in what we are creating. In addition to pride, I feel a state of flow and awe. From now on, these two definitions are my companions.


    The culture of freedom has played an important factor in this. Within the company, we are free to think and act in accordance with our own vision and style. We are free to experiment, make mistakes, and fail. The main thing is to use the “falls” as a chance to learn something and not get trapped twice. Isn’t that the best way to develop? Try, sometimes fall, get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving toward your goal.


    There is something else unique that is important to note: the approach and attitude. I think you will agree with me that to show respect to employees through beautiful offices, fitness passes and free coffee learned a long time ago. Except that if there is nothing behind it (and this is often the case), it’s all “empty”, made to check the box. But if they listen to you, give you opportunities to try things out, genuinely value your input, develop your strengths and override your weaknesses, truly unlock your potential – that’s a whole other level of interaction and synergy. I believe that with this kind of attitude, everyone wins – the employee, the company and the community.


    If you feel a resonance from such thoughts, you should definitely get to know us, and we should get to know you. Perhaps someday we’ll discuss it standing at the barbecue and grilling juicy bacon for our colleagues, rather friends, after our annual Hayler recap.

    The Culture of Freedom


      Teams make their own decisions and are responsible for the outcome.


      The work format allows you to determine individually what time to start and end your work day. The choice is yours. The main thing is to remain In synergy with your team.


      Tasks are managed with context – the project manager provides the team with all the information they need so that everyone can make informed decisions and do their part of the job without constant supervision

    Concentration of Talent


      Before inviting candidates to join our team, we assess them against 70 criteria to ensure the best possible fit with the company’s overall culture.


      There are only 50 of us for every 1,000,000 clients. Quality, not quantity, is important to us.

    Company Principles

      No internal competition

      One does not have to lose for the other to win. On the contrary, the more talent we have on our team, the greater our successes. The bigger the successes, the stronger we grow. The more we grow, the more positions we open up. The more positions, the more room there is for talent on the team.


      We value unity and teamwork.


      We don’t want to maintain our culture, we want to improve it.

    Culture of development


      Getting better every day is not a super achievement. It’s already in our DNA.


      92% of employees have already been promoted.


      By bringing the best of the best together, overall performance rises sharply, and work becomes a process as employees train, develop and motivate each other.

    Our team of professionals is our engine of progress

    Shagen Chief Executive Officer
    Victoria Head of Content Making
    Marina Content Maker
    Tatyana Content Maker
    Ekaterina Marketing Laboratory Manager
    Irina Chief Designer
    Karina Head of Account Management
    Julia Account Manager
    Pauline Account Manager
    Valeria Product Manager
    Nadezhda Project Manager
    Victoria Office Manager
    Svetlana Consultant

    Driven by passion, our talents form a cohesive team serving the company. Each employee puts not only his or her skills but also his or her soul into the work.

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